Mini 4 - The Redback
Mini 4 - The Redback
Mini 4 - The Redback
Mini 4 - The Redback
Mini 4 - The Redback
Mini 4 - The Redback

Mini 4 - The Redback

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Mini4 - The Redback
The Anti-Venom!
This striking munchbox is fierce with its vibrant, black and red outer-case and sleek silver

Make your lunches ‘tri-colour cool’ with our newest Munchbox Mini4 Trio Collection!
 Dishwasher safe (top shelf)*
 Holds over 5 cups of food
 Environmentally friendly, BPA & Phthalate-free
 Child- friendly single latch
 Sturdy removable Tritan tray
 Leakproof sealed compartments
 Portion controlled for balanced nutrition
 Encourages healthy eating
The Munchbox Mini4 Trio Collection comprises of the newly designed TRI-COLOUR six
compartment outerbox that suits all FIVE interchangeable trays and the original clear, four
compartment removable tray.
The six compartment outer box is an original design that has been created to grow with your
child to ensure their changing nutritional needs are always met – only now it’s even more
Catering to those who prefer a full-sized sandwich or larger meal, accompanied by healthy
snacks the Mini4 Trio holds over five cups of food and is suitable for all ages!
The Mini4 Trio not only suits those bigger meal choices as the innovative design of the
Munchbox interchangeable tray system means that the Mini4 can be used with each of the
trays available! Making Munchbox the most versatile, original-concept design lunchbox in the
The clear tray allows you to personalise your Munchbox by placing your own artwork or
images underneath the tray, bringing a whole new range of themes and designs to your
child’s lunchbox or keeping it simple and more mature for those bigger kids.
The Mini4 design accommodates:
 1 x 3 cup serving – ideal for sandwiches, wraps, salads, sushi or pasta etc.
 2 x 1 cup serving – side dishes and healthy snack items such as fruit, vegetables and
 1 x small serving – suitable for dips, smaller snacks or special treats.
We here at Munchbox pride ourselves on our commitment to healthy eating and the
environment and we ensure that all our products are made from food-safe materials, are BPA
and phthalate free and meet Australian standards.

Maxi6 Munchbox contains six compartment outerbox and the Mini4 tray.
Size 22x16x6cm

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